Hanging Basket

Many clematis, even big growing varieties can be grown in a hanging basket for a short time. There are some very small growers that will do a better job.

  • Soft pink, deeper at the margins flowers approximately 14-16.5cm in diameter produced on a compact vine growing to 1.5-1.8mt in size. Flowers spring to autumn. Pruning group 2. deciduous and a climber.
  • Medium single, mauve flowers to 12cm with a slight pink bar. and pink anthers. Seriously compact growing to only 30cm. Suitable for hanging baskets or table top pots. Deciduous.
  • Waxy white flowers approximately 5-7cm in diameter produced on a moderate vine growing to 0.6-0.9mt in size. Flowers late winter to spring. Pruning group 1. evergreen and a ground cover.
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    The most vigorous of the compact patio range. Clematis Cezanne is suitable in a container or in the garden. Blue flowers with a yellow centre over a long flowering period. 100cm X 60cm. Prune to 30cm in spring
  • Large single light pink flowers with a darker pink bar to 15cm aging to white whilst retaining the bar. Dark red anthers on white filaments. A member of the Evison/Poulsen® 'Boulevard' collection. Deciduous to 1.5mt
  • A very compact Clematis ideal for a garden balcony, deck or patio. Perfect in a container such as a small pot. Stunning when used in a hanging basket either by itself or in combination with annuals. As its first flowers are blooming, it is already producing trailing stems that hang down with more flowers. Looks outstanding with grey foliaged plants. Deciduous and a climber.
  • Compact vine producing an abundance of pink flowers, 7-10cm across with wavy-edged sepals and attractive grey/red anthers. Flowers from early summer to late autumn. Grows 0.9 to 1.2mt. Pruning group 2. It is a climber and is deciduous.
  • Very compact growing clematis to 1.0 mt x 60cm. Free flowering pink flowers with a darker bar to 10cm. Suitable for hanging baskets or patio pots. Prune once in spring to 30cm. Deciduous.
  • Large, single, mauve flowers with purple-red anthers on a deciduous compact vine to 1.5mt. Flowers last spring to autumn. Pruning group 2. A member of the Evison/Poulsen 'Boulevard' collection.
  • Large, single, purple-red flowers with a red bar on a compact growing vine to 1.5mt. Deciduous. PG2 A member of the Evison/Poulsen® ‘Boulevard’ collection


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