Please note that we are unable to ship plants by post to Tasmania, Western Australia or Northern Territory due to quarantine restrictions.

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Delivery by  Australia Post: As the plants are quite large, we can only pack two plants per parcel. So if you order 2 plants, you will get 1 parcel. If you order 3 plants, you will get two parcels. If you order 10 plants, you will get 5 parcels. We have no control over the length of time Australia Post will take to deliver your parcel.

We have added a Customer’s Courier option. If you have a large order and want to use your own courier, please let us know the details. Some couriers are faster and cheaper than Australia Post.

  1. Your carrier must pick up from the nursery during business hours.
  2. You must pay the courier directly.
  3. You must specify the date and time of the pickup to ensure the plants are ready to travel.
  4. If your courier does not show up, there maybe a fee to unpack the plants if the delay is more than a few days.