Welcome to Alameda Homestead Nursery

Alameda Homestead Nursery 2022

We are a small family business based in Devon Meadows, Victoria, Australia, specialising in Clematis and other garden-worthy plants. The nursery was started in 1991 by Judy and David Button in Berwick and was relocated to Devon Meadows in 2016.

The nursery is a production-based wholesale nursery. Our primary customers are independent Retail Nurseries, Landscapers, Florists, Mail Order nurseries, Garden Designers and Garden Architects across Australia.

We realise that most plant outlets will not stock a large range of Clematis varieties, so we also have a mail-order service to accommodate gardeners searching for something different for their garden. The Mail Order service is now open.

We supply clematis to many garden quality centres throughout Australia except the Northern Territory. Please contact your local garden centre for more information. Some Garden Centres will order specific varieties for you while others won’t.

Clematis are a beautiful group of plants with variations, growth habits, and intense colours that are never the same throughout the year. They are one of those plants that can be full of surprises, making them interesting to grow and a marvel to behold in the garden. At times, a Clematis plant in full flower can take your breath away!

Clematis are very labour-intensive to grow, and producing them profitably is becoming increasingly difficult. We are one of the last nurseries left in Australia, producing a wide range of varieties in commercial quantities, with close to 200 in various stages of production. We choose to grow and supply 3-year-old Clematis because they are garden-ready and if we haven’t managed to kill them, then there is a good chance you won’t be able to either.

That means they are not cheap but are expected to perform in your garden if given the right conditions.