CLEMATIS CARE Clematis are long lived plants. Most are climbers, but some are clumping. The larger flowered varieties are all deciduous, but there are several evergreens. Careful site selection and proper planting will certainly go a long way to having beautiful clematis. Clematis can be used in a variety of situations in the garden, especially when mixed with other plants. The perfect partner plant Clematis can be used for a variety of tasks, limited only by the imagination of the gardener. Most clematis are the perfect companion plant to other plants in the garden. They are not destructive, can be easily pruned off after flowering and add colour where it is least expected. In our garden, we use them as ground covers, through small trees, in amongst perennials as well as through both climbing and bush roses. We also have a couple growing on a tripod by themselves. There still are rules that need to be followed To grow good clematis, there are still some things you need to take into consideration. They don't like a very hot westerly aspect unless protected by some sort of shade or plant. They love a cool root zone, so mulching or a stone will do that easily. They like to be kept moist (not wet), a dripper can do this. They love to be kept well fed. Follow these rules, and you are well on the way to having beautiful clematis. Still not sure? Clematis have the same needs as roses! If roses grow in your area, then clematis will too. Many gardeners can grow good roses without too many problems. You can grow good clematis too by using the same techniques as you do with roses.